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24 Feb Außenthermometer (2012) von Michael Sailstorfer

Economy Warms Despite Frigid Temperatures

Most of the country might be in the grip of cold, harsh weather but business owners are feeling warm and fuzzy about the economy. According to the National Small Business Association (NSBA) the 2014 Year-End

16 Feb IMG_1233

Running Start

This past week I had the opportunity to go back to school. Actually, it was a guest lecture at Michigan State University for a program called “Running Start.”  What made it interesting was the make-up

12 Feb SBC

Small Business Congress

Do you ever feel like you are on a treadmill dealing with the same concerns year after year?  I do when it comes to small business issues. First, a little background. In 2012, members of

28 Jan we think

How to Stand Out When Shortlisted

First things first – I need your help. Do you like to help? Excellent – it’s greatly appreciated. All you have to do is skip to the last sentence of this post and give us

22 Jan InfoGraphic2SAFE-DATA

Is Your Data Safe?

The controversy over the hacking of SONY continues to be in the news for many reasons. There is the release of information about celebrities, the discussion about theaters refusing to show the movie, and of

12 Jan checklist-154274_640

Make a List. Check it twice.

The holiday season is over but the recap of 2014 is not and the projections for 2015 are in full swing. It seems that every single blog, tweet, and newsletter I read is sharing their

5 Jan mobilecontent

Guest Post :: Developing Mobile Content

By: Nick Williams Smart phones, tablets and the like are staples in a home nowadays, fuelling the constant and rapid growth in the demand for mobile-specific content. This article attempts to provide a top-level view

30 Dec Resolutions

A new spin on the same old resolutions.

Do resolutions really make a difference? If you have not had the time to think about your personal New Year’s Resolutions let me make you feel a little better. I am not really sure it

19 Dec Holiday

Stay Productive During the Holidays

It’s that time of year. There are holiday open houses, luncheon get-togethers, and company parties.  While retail operations are in full swing many service businesses like mine find this is a difficult time of year

10 Dec Feedback

To Buy or Not To Buy

Did you ever wonder what a procurement officer or buyer is thinking?  Did you ever ask the buyer of your goods or services what they need? Did you ever wonder what drives a buyer crazy?