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December 6, 2012

Small Business Congress :: Top Priorities

Last week, I promised to bring you news from the National Small Business Association’s 2012 Small Business Congress which was held in Washington, DC. The goal was to bring together small business owners from across the country to craft a small business agenda prior to the upcoming session of Congress.

First, I just want to say a few things about those who attended. Think about what it takes to leave your business for 2-3 days. For most small business owners that is really a sacrifice. If you are not working, you are not making money. So those who attended really were committed to helping the voice of small business be heard.

The process was pretty interesting. We heard from experts on the state of the national deficit (that was depressing) and the proposals to address it. There were general sessions and expert panels. Then, the real work started. Participants broke into groups and debated the key issues in four categories: Economic Development; Health and Human Resources; Taxation; and the Environment. Here’s where it gets sticky. There are lots of issues in each one of these areas but we can’t address them all. We had to really think about where we could make the most impact.

When each participant arrived home we received a ballot and voted electronically to determine where we would focus our efforts (if this blog had audio capabilities there would be a drum-roll here).

NSBA’s Top 10 Priorities are:

  1. Deficit Reduction through Tax, Spending and Entitlement Reform
  2. Reduce Health Care Costs
  3. PPACA Implementation (need for clear direction)
  4. Small Business Contracting
  5. Fundamental Tax Reform: The Fair Tax
  6. Access to Risk-Based Capital
  7. Regulatory Reform & Paperwork Reduction
  8. Family and Medical Leave Act (opposition to expansion)
  9. National Conference on Small Business
  10. Expand Section 179 Expensing

Some of these are what you might expect. Others, maybe not. If you want to learn more go the NSBA’S site and happy reading.

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