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September 26, 2016

The Road Ahead

As a small business owner I spend a good deal of time reading business news, the latest business books, and blogs. My goal is to try and stay current, and even more importantly, focus on the future. There is no doubt it is difficult to find a good balance between what must be done day-to-day and finding time to think strategically about your business.

Some of the best insights can come from other small business owners. That’s why I am excited about a new series of podcasts from the National Small Business Association, hosted by Jared Nichols, a futurist and executive coach. I had the chance to meet Jared recently and in the interest of complete transparency I am the first guest on the podcast.

I enjoyed my conversation with him and hope you will take a listen. I also look forward to taking a half-hour every other week to learn from his guests on The Road Ahead. If you are not a regular podcast listener, it is a great way to download information and listen when you have some free time or are traveling. So, I hope you will become a regular listener of the Road Ahead and would love your comments on my presentation.

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