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November 30, 2016

Guest Post :: 4 Types of Holiday Shoppers and How to Market to Them

By: Erika Brookes

It’s a given that the holiday shopping season is the biggest, busiest, most lucrative time of the entire year when it comes to the ever-important bottom line. Stores everywhere are stuffed to the gills with eager shoppers looking for the best deal on that perfect item. Thanks to events like Cyber Monday, eCommerce sites will also see a fair share of the crazy holiday traffic.

What isn’t as much of a given is how similar your customers will or won’t be to one another. According to a study conducted by market and research firm Vision Critical, holiday shopping extravaganzas see four distinct types of holiday shopper hitting the scene, not just one. Each one of these types comes attached to their own personality, attitude, and behavior patterns. They respond to different approaches to marketing. The more of them you can reach with your holiday marketing campaign, the healthier your bottom line will be.

Here we’ll take a closer look at each of these unique personalities and discuss how you can fine-tune your holiday marketing tactics to get through to each one.

Modern Mothers

Family holiday shopping.According to the original study, modern day mothers that are middle-aged or nearly so do roughly 60% of their shopping at traditional shopping at brick and mortar stores. However, about 75% of them also use their mobile devices to collect, organize, and receive online vouchers. Up to 85% of them are likely to subscribe to multiple e-newsletters and other services designed to inform them of special deals or promotions as well.

This is the type of customer you see waiting in line outside the department stores first thing in the morning on Black Friday. She’s generally less interested in spending money on herself than she is in scoring the perfect gift for those on her Christmas list.

A marketing campaign that successfully reaches the modern mother will leverage technology like geo-targeting that might help her out with strategies like in-store comparison shopping. She’s also the perfect person to present with mobile coupons, special discounts, and so forth.

Millennial Shoppers

The millennial shopper can be either male or female and might come from any walk of life. However, it’s important to realize that these are youthful shoppers – about 26 years old or so on average. According to Vision Critical, a fair number of millennials do use their smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices to shop (about 30%), but more than half of them (about 60%) will use mobile technology to search, browse, compare, and consider potential purchases.

They are the most likely to be using their mobile devices while not actually on the go as well. Roughly two thirds of all millennials that shop on their phones or tablets do it at home, as opposed to while they’re physically at a store or out and about in general.Group Of Young Friends Shopping Outdoors Together

Successfully marketing to millennial shoppers means making sure that your website, blog, and eCommerce stores are 100% mobile friendly and compatible with all the latest devices. This is especially the case considering Vision Critical’s data showed that nearly 80% of millennials are open to the idea of making impulse purchases.

Otherwise, you risk losing their business. You’ll also want to tap into this group’s willingness to buy on impulse by up-selling or offering time-sensitive promotions that encourage buyers to finalize purchases sooner rather than later. Ad retargeting – especially via social media – is also a smart way to market to millennials.

Mobile Tech Savvy Consumer

On average, this shopper is in their mid-30s, and they are incredibly comfortable with mobile technology and do more than half of their online shopping via a mobile device. Up to 60% of them shop via mobile while they’re actually in the store. These are also folks that are likely to finalize their purchases online even if they originally saw the item they wanted in a brick and mortar store.

Like millennials, mobile techies often religiously read e-newsletters. They’re also highly likely to participate in annual shopping events like Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday.

As with the millennial shopper, it’s important to make sure your site is mobile friendly in order to appeal to the mobile techie. Not only does it need to be easy to read and browse, but finalizing a purchase needs to be simple as well. Offer a variety of different payment options, including options like PayPal or Apple Wallet, which are likely to be popular with these shoppers. You’ll also want to make sure you run thorough marketing campaigns in tandem with Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and so forth.


Single Cyber Shopper

Most shoppers in this category are not only single, but male. This type of shopper is also more likely than any other consumer to spend almost as much money on himself during the holiday shopping season as he will on his friends and loved ones, especially during big sales events like Black Friday. (We’re talking an average of $224 on himself for every $239 he spends on others.)

Up to 81% of single cyber shoppers prefer to do their shopping on their laptops or desktop set-ups, as opposed to on their smartphones or tablets. Up to 76% also express a dislike of the crowds, noise, and lines that come alongside shopping at brick and mortar shops during the holidays. They prefer the convenience of shopping at home, and up to 91% of them will do so well ahead of time.

When marketing with the single cyber shopper in mind, account for his personality. If you also have a brick and mortar shop, offer him the option of ordering the items he wants most online instead of trying to force him through the doors. You’ll want to make sure you begin your holiday marketing campaigns early enough and offer early-bird discounts to appeal to his desire to shop early.

At the end of the day, marketing to holiday shoppers is a lot like marketing to shoppers at any other time of the year. You just need to know who they are, what they’re looking for, and what they’re hoping to get out of a given shopping experience. Explore the possibilities today!

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