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December 7, 2016

The Art of Holiday Gift Giving

It’s that time of year-time for gift giving to show appreciation for clients and partners.  I admit it – I love to show customers how important they are to our company and how much we value the relationship.

Over the years we have tried a variety of things.  We have done the typical; pens, mugs, bags. We’ve gotten “techy”; laser pointers, itsy-bitsy USBs, a cool travel mouse.  We’ve shared our love of food; Greek pastries, chocolate DVDs, popcorn. Of course, we have been creative.  One year we made our own recipe book. We’ve created an animated elf video that showed elves doing our work, and even a cool music video. We have donated to non-profits in honor of our customers. However, it is getting harder and harder to find the perfect gift. Not to mention many companies have strict policies about what employees can accept from suppliers.

Even after we think up the right gift idea there is the problem of managing the list. How deep do you go into your client list? Do you gift to the people you work with directly, those at the top of the company, those who make the buying decision?  There is also the fear you will unintentionally miss key people.

It’s no wonder some companies keep it simple and send a card.

But, I think the holidays are a time to get creative. This year we came up with a plan. Rather than giving the same gift, we’ve got a variety of gifts tailored to the individual based on what is acceptable in their organization.  And, we have a gift for literally everyone- including all of you reading this blog.

We the help of our very particular staff we brainstormed the best in holiday music.  It’s a festive list that includes everything from Bing Crosby to the cast of Glee.  Then we created a Spotify playlist perfect for holiday gatherings or easy listening at home. We thought it was very clever…and affordable! After all, it is the thought that counts so feel free to “re-gift” this link.

Hears” to 2017.

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