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Don’t be Afraid to Fail

A few weeks ago I was in Washington, DC where I attended the National Small Business Association Washington Presentation. The sessions were focused on small business and you can read about them and the White House briefing at While in DC, I had the chance to do some sightseeing and visited several monuments. No […]


A Big Influence

I recently contributed some thoughts to a blog that I wanted to share with BizThinking readers. The question posed to business owners and entrepreneurs was “Who was your biggest business inspiration?”  All of us can look around and see the individuals who have helped us in a variety of ways, but inspiration is a very […]

Share the knowledge, tech

Using Technology to Share the Knowledge

In my last post, I offered some ideas about why you should share your knowledge and some tips to help you decide what to share. It is one thing to have great content and quite another to find ways to distribute that content. There are so many outlets and each one has its advantages and […]


Share the Knowledge

In this fast-paced, high-pressure, sales-oriented world, many are hungry for CONTENT. That’s right, something they can actually use to make their job easier or help them better understand issues and face challenges. In another word—information! Unfortunately many of the newsletters or subscription feeds take advantage of you when you sign up. They bombard you with […]


Sometimes you need to brag, just a little, about your work.

  Sometimes you need to brag, just a little, about your work. This is one of those times. I am very proud to share with you a series that CK & CO is producing called Video 101.  It showcases thought leadership in my area of expertise—video production. More and more companies are turning to video […]

are you a target

Are You A Target for Sponsorships?

It’s that time of year. Requests are pouring in to my company to sponsor golf outings, make charitable donations, buy gala tickets and attend award luncheons. I don’t know about other business owners but it seems like I could be at an event every day. I also notice that I keep running into the same […]


Guest Post :: Three Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

By: George Meszaros I have interviewed dozens of entrepreneurs for Success Harbor and I find the story of every entrepreneur fascinating. Given that I have gotten a great deal out of interviewing entrepreneurs, I wanted to share three common traits among them. 1. Passion – Several entrepreneurs I interviewed started out with a hobby that, […]

change equals opportunity

Change hater? Me too…

Do you hate it every time you get a new phone and have to learn how to operate it? Does the thought of Windows XP going away make you shake with fear? Are you continuing to make products that are no longer great sellers? Are you still employing someone that really does not perform? I […]

Do it all

You Can Do Anything or Can You?

I am not sure about other business owners but I am really tired of motivational speakers whose message is that you can do anything. Yes, it is important to be inspired and motivated.  You have to sincerely believe that you can achieve something or it is very likely that you won’t. However, there is a […]


Take a Field Trip to DC

This week is Spring Break for many across the country. A number of business people I know are using the opportunity to take their children to Washington, DC. It’s a great family field trip with a plethora of museums, historical sites, and opportunities to get a better understanding of our government. In short, it is […]