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Recent Posts in ‘Savvy’

Are you Overthinking Business Decisions?

Every day, business owners makes countless decisions. Some have long-term, significant impact on the business. Others are small ones. It is important to think through decisions. However, you should be aware overthinking decisions can lead to paralysis, missed opportunities, and slow your business to a crawl. So why don’t people choose to make timely decisions? […]

Upgrade your Facebook Page with Cover Videos

Facebook is arguably the “most social” of the social media platforms when it comes to sharing content. Recently, Mark Zuckerburg announced a new purpose for his creation: “Give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together.” It got me thinking…what will this new purpose do for companies and why are some […]

5 Lessons from my Dad the Dry cleaner

We just celebrated Father’s Day and in honor of my dad, who will be 93 in just a few short weeks, I wanted to share some of his business wisdom. I am the owner of a media production company but my education in business began long before I started the business. It began in the […]

Customer Service – a Team Effort

Last week I shared my views that real customer service begins with serving the right customer for your business. Once you identify that customer it is time to dig deep into how to provide unparalleled service. With all the technology and systems available to business today, you might think it is easy.  It’s not. The problem […]

Think “Customer” before you Think “Customer Service”

Customer service. It is critical to maintaining long-term relationships with customers. Organizations like Nordstrom and Disney have shared their secrets to great service over the years. Michael Brown challenged the traditional thinking on customer service in his book, Fresh Notes on Customer Service. His premise is customers should come second and the emphasis should be […]

Show Me the Money

Ask any small business person about the challenges they face and at least one will be access to capital. In simple terms M-O-N-E-Y. Often no one wants to lend you money when you need it. When you don’t need it, everyone wants to lend you money. Another issue is the paperwork and complexity to apply […]

Content. Content. Content.

Everywhere you look there is an explosion of video by businesses across various platforms; company websites, business YouTube channels, Facebook live events and other social media platforms. In the past, music videos were trendy. While they still have their place, video is increasingly content-driven for both internal and external communications. That’s because today videos can […]

What You Need to Know about Credit Card Acceptance – the Complete Checklist

Americans are hooked on plastic. And with the correct approach, you can situate your business to tap into this large and worthwhile market. That said, from integration to payment security to customer service, there are several considerations that should factor into your decision-making. For a complete look, check out the comprehensive infographic created by BluePay […]

International Women’s Day

I have been thinking about writing this for a week, but I was too busy working so please excuse the delay. According to the International Women’s Day website, March 8th was “a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women.”  The site offered some good ideas on how to celebrate. Unfortunately, the […]

It’s a Priority

I recently attended the Small Business Congress in Washington, DC. This was a gathering of small business owners from across the country who meet every two years to listen, learn, and then vote on the priorities they want the National Small Business Association to pursue when advocating for small business.  The Top 10 issues are what […]