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27 Jan Work From home

Guest Post :: Productivity Tips for People Working from Home

By: Anne Sampson When you’re at an office and you have a boss looking over your shoulder at all times, you will constantly be reminded to stay productive. When you work from home, however, it’s

12 Jan Abandon Internet

Are you Sabotaging Your Video Efforts?

Video continues to be the media of choice for many businesses and the uses have expanded over the years to include a huge variety of both internal and external communications. One of the biggest areas

21 Dec hourglass

How Long is Too Long?

There is no question attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. Over the years, we have gone from making corporate overview videos that last ten to twelve minutes down to ninety second pieces. Training that

8 Dec GIft

To Gift or Not

Are you struggling with the “big questions” that pop up for business owners every year at this time? Should I give a gift? What should I give? Is it too small, too big? How far

24 Nov Giving Thanks

Little Thanks

It’s traditional to give thanks at this time of year and I like tradition. Usually I am thankful for big things like health, wonderful employees, and great customers. I am grateful for all those things

16 Nov shutterstock_245451610

Guest Post :: 5 Simple Ways Small Business Can Use SEO

by: Brad Shorr It’s hard for a small business to succeed in SEO, but it can be done. The key is to manage your efforts in the most efficient way possible, so I always look

3 Nov Biz

Three Myths about Creative Businesses

Are all businesses created equal or are there some big differences?  There are some myths about creative businesses I would like to explore. First, here’s a little history. Economists tell us over the past decade

23 Oct Plan and Pitch

Women Owned Business on the Rise

October is National Women’s Small Business Month. I have to be honest almost the whole month has gone by and this past week was the first I heard of the celebration. I understand the desire

13 Oct Video

Suddenly “Cool”

Twenty eight years ago I started Cynthia Kay and Company Media Production after having worked in television for many years. The idea for the business was the result of the many requests the TV station received from businesses

5 Oct cpu

Small Business Owners Need to Focus on Technology

I often believe that small business owners are flexible, responsive, and willing to try new things.  They are also pretty optimistic when it comes to their businesses as reported by the NSBA’s Mid-Year Economic Report.