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31 Jan snow

Chilling Effect

All across the country, people are feeling the effects of unusual weather. It is cold, snowy and sleeting in places, many that simply are not equipped to deal with the conditions. So how does a

21 Jan YVR_winter_take_off

Smart Travel for Winter 2014

Travel is difficult this time of year with last minute trips and constant weather delays. That makes it even tougher than usual for small business owners like me, who have found it is critical not

6 Jan Personal Finance

Guest Post :: Redefine the Bottom Line

How to Prepare Personal Finances For When Your Business Tanks By: Amanda Jensen When it comes to starting a business, the variables out of your control can be overwhelming in determining whether or not your

20 Dec Stoned-virus-hexacode

Held Hostage

Last month our IT supplier sent an e-mail to everyone on my staff warning them about a computer virus. It certainly was not the first such notice we have gotten, but it was by far

12 Dec 5 Business Functions You're Probably Better Off Outsourcing pic

Guest Post :: 5 Business Functions you’re probably better off outsourcing

Note from CK: There is no doubt about it. Many business owners love to be “do it yourselfers.”  Sometimes that is a good thing, but I usually ask myself,  ”should I really be doing a

3 Dec WalkOn

Facebook Foils Scholarship Award

Recently, my  firm, CK and CO Media Production, held a scholarship contest to help us gain some exposure and to reward students who are doing great work with video in the communities where they live.

21 Nov Diasaster

Dealing with Diasaster

This past week, my company experienced what many small companies across the Midwest did during this stormy season. As high winds and tornadoes pummeled the area, we lost power. But, we did not experience any

14 Nov Negotiating

Guest Post :: The Importance of Negotiation Tactics When Starting a Small Business

By: Mary Ann Keeling Small business owners have to wear many different hats, especially when they`re just starting out. When first starting your small business you`ll be responsible for operations, management, inventory, accounting, hiring and

8 Nov Know

Do we know enough?

Anyone who has ever done a changeover or the start-up of a new system knows things can go wrong. So, it really should be no surprise the new healthcare website is a disaster. But it

1 Nov Teamwork

Guest Post :: How to Set Goals with Employees at a Company Retreat

Note from CK: At CK and CO, we have never had the type of retreat described below. We have had extended company meetings, planning sessions, and seminars with consultants.  I think any kind of focused