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21 Oct

National Women’s Business Week

Back in 1928 a celebration began to honor business women. Think about it- 1928! The celebration is attributed to Emma Dot Partridge who was the executive secretary for the National Federation of Business and Professional

29 Sep

Guest Post :: Three Ways to Promote Employee Health

By: Melissa Davidson Workplace culture that encourages competition – spoken or not – is perfectly normal and some people even thrive on it, but it also puts a lot of pressure and stress on employees.

26 Sep

The Road Ahead

As a small business owner I spend a good deal of time reading business news, the latest business books, and blogs. My goal is to try and stay current, and even more importantly, focus on

8 Sep

Lessons from Inventors

This week I had the opportunity to speak at the Michigan Inventors Coalition Inventors Expo which drew attendees from more than just our state. It was an energetic, creative group who was there to learn from a

29 Aug

Guest Post :: Why Customer Complaints are an Opportunity to Cherish (not fear)

By: Liz Burton If you work in customer service or a customer-facing role, you probably wince at the thought of having to handle an irate customer as they aggressively list numerous problems with your service.

25 Aug

Lessons from the Olympics

I have to admit it. I am a sports junkie. I found myself glued to the Olympics the past two weeks watching sports, some I had actually never heard of…things like canoe slalom. While everyone

9 Aug

Guest Post :: Debunking the Myths of PCI Compliance

Payment Card Industry (aka PCI) compliance is a set of practices that govern data security across an extensive series of credit and debit card payments. Businesses must comply with these requirements outlined by the PCI

4 Aug

A Tribute to Mom

It is a tradition in my religion to do a short memorial service at various times after a family member dies. This week it will be three years since my mom, Ann, passed away and

1 Aug

Guest Post :: Using the Internet for Face-to-Face Networking

By: Tim Backes At Vetter, an online employee suggestion box, we live, breathe, and sleep all things virtual. In fact, one of the biggest value propositions that our product offers is that it’s cloud-based, allowing

27 Jul


You can’t get away from it. The endless political analysis – morning, noon, and night. Robo-calls. Junk mail. Email. Political conventions. I think of myself as a pretty engaged citizen, but like most Americans I