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24 Apr Do it all

You Can Do Anything or Can You?

I am not sure about other business owners but I am really tired of motivational speakers whose message is that you can do anything. Yes, it is important to be inspired and motivated.  You have

8 Apr DC

Take a Field Trip to DC

This week is Spring Break for many across the country. A number of business people I know are using the opportunity to take their children to Washington, DC. It’s a great family field trip with

1 Apr April fools

PR Teams: Don’t Get Fooled in April

April 1st is an unrecognized holiday in the United States, but if you ask anyone they will recognize the day as April Fools’ Day. Last year Google and others had a lot of fun using

28 Mar communication

Employee Communications: Tips for Keeping Your Team on Message

With so much of the focus these days being placed on a company’s external messaging, it can be easy to lose focus on your internal communications with employees. The fact is, even excellent ideas don’t

20 Mar Customer

Be Your Customer’s Customer

It’s a pretty obvious fact. When you are in a personal relationship each party has something to gain when things go well. Each party also has something to lose when it all goes south. We

4 Mar free

Giveaways: Sound Strategy or a Waste of Resources?

I believe everyone loves to get something for free.  But does it make sense to do giveaways or promotions?  This is something that every business owner struggles with from time to time.  I routinely get

26 Feb Work Ethic

Work Ethic

Does your workforce have a great work ethic? Or, is it just a job? This past week we picked up a new client who had an immediate need for several videos. With less than a

19 Feb company voice

Your Company’s Voice: Find it and put it to work

“Find your voice.” It’s an adage that gets bandied about quite often in the PR landscape, and one you’ve probably been hearing in one form or another since 10th grade English. So what does it

17 Feb Interns


This is the time of year when many small businesses get inquiries from students about spring or summer internships. So do you hire or not? Should you pay interns? How do you find the one

11 Feb Crisis Comms

Crisis Communications: Prepare for the worst but hope for the best

Crisis Communications when handled incorrectly can represent a worst-case scenario for many companies. Not only did someone within an organization blunder so terribly that it caused public outrage, but also key members of a company