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4 Apr SpringCleaning

Guest Post :: How Spring Cleaning Goes A Long Way In Email Marketing Success

By: Paul de Fombelle Nothing helps you shake off the winter doldrums like livening things up with some spring cleaning. You’ve gotten your home and office ready, but have you taken a good look at

18 Mar Yellow_Happy


It seems like a simple question. Are you happy? For some the answer comes easily, for others it is more complex. I ask because March 20th is International Happiness Day. Yes, there really is such

26 Feb Video101_thumb

Are You Annoying Your Viewers?

Video is a great medium and I am not just saying that because I own a media production company. The truth is more and more people don’t want to read or simply prefer a more

9 Feb CellPayments

Guest Post :: 5 Things you May not Know about Mobile Payments

By: Kristen Graminga Now that more than half of Americans own a smartphone, it seems highly likely that mobile-based payments will reach their predicted $142 billion in volume by 2019. Whether you currently accept mobile

4 Feb Customer Service

Take a Lesson

Do you sometimes feel like the person or organization you are buying from acts like they are doing you a favor? I do. You go into a store and literally have to tackle someone to

27 Jan Work From home

Guest Post :: Productivity Tips for People Working from Home

By: Anne Sampson When you’re at an office and you have a boss looking over your shoulder at all times, you will constantly be reminded to stay productive. When you work from home, however, it’s

12 Jan Abandon Internet

Are you Sabotaging Your Video Efforts?

Video continues to be the media of choice for many businesses and the uses have expanded over the years to include a huge variety of both internal and external communications. One of the biggest areas

21 Dec hourglass

How Long is Too Long?

There is no question attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. Over the years, we have gone from making corporate overview videos that last ten to twelve minutes down to ninety second pieces. Training that

8 Dec GIft

To Gift or Not

Are you struggling with the “big questions” that pop up for business owners every year at this time? Should I give a gift? What should I give? Is it too small, too big? How far

24 Nov Giving Thanks

Little Thanks

It’s traditional to give thanks at this time of year and I like tradition. Usually I am thankful for big things like health, wonderful employees, and great customers. I am grateful for all those things