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9 Aug

Guest Post :: Debunking the Myths of PCI Compliance

Payment Card Industry (aka PCI) compliance is a set of practices that govern data security across an extensive series of credit and debit card payments. Businesses must comply with these requirements outlined by the PCI

4 Aug

A Tribute to Mom

It is a tradition in my religion to do a short memorial service at various times after a family member dies. This week it will be three years since my mom, Ann, passed away and

1 Aug

Guest Post :: Using the Internet for Face-to-Face Networking

By: Tim Backes At Vetter, an online employee suggestion box, we live, breathe, and sleep all things virtual. In fact, one of the biggest value propositions that our product offers is that it’s cloud-based, allowing

27 Jul


You can’t get away from it. The endless political analysis – morning, noon, and night. Robo-calls. Junk mail. Email. Political conventions. I think of myself as a pretty engaged citizen, but like most Americans I

14 Jul

Guest Post :: Building a Brand from a One-Person Shop to a Global Business

By: David S. London, VP of Sales for CPV Manufacturing When CPV Manufacturing first started, our founder, Isaiah Engle, never imagined the company would reach such great successes. He also never thought the business would

11 Jul

Can you Spot the Owner?

Years ago, as a little girl, I remember going to Meijer with my dad. We were out in the parking lot and he stopped to chat with a man who was picking up bits of

27 Jun

Guest Post: How a Mobile App can take your Small Business to the Next Level

By: Red Foundry A mobile app may be the one missing piece from your business marketing strategy. Having one could help you attract new customers and strengthen existing customer relationships. Explore how a dedicated business

NSBA Leadership Conference: The Recap

There is nothing like getting together with a group of small business owners from around the country to network, get critical updates on legislation and hear from thought leaders. That’s what I did this past

Too Busy to Learn?

If you are like most business owners you are inundated with pitches for training, workshops, and seminars to attend. They tout things like: Learn the 7 Proven Ways to Grow Your Sales Create a Culture

4 things to look for in an internship program

Over the years we’ve had interns from a number of colleges and universities. I have learned a great deal from the process of working with various institutions – some of which are better than others